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Crediting of erroneous transactions
Crediting of erroneous transactions
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In the practice of the exchange, there are erroneous transactions of electronic tokens to wallets designed to accept and store other cryptocurrencies. This is called a cross-chain. Usually, does not perform recovery and return of erroneously sent cryptocurrencies to Users. If a User suffers a serious loss due to a cross deposit, may decide to restore and return its electronic tokens to the User.

Cross deposit refunds are a time-consuming process. Not all such deposits are refundable, and the degree of difficulty, risk, and cost of time depends on which cryptocurrency was erroneously sent and to which address.

If the user wishes to restore and return their electronic tokens, they should contact support team with the following information: 

  • The e-mail address to which the User's Personal profile is linked; 

  • txid;

  • Transaction screenshot.

Users should be aware of the above-described difficulties in the process of returning erroneous deposits. does its best and counts on the patience and understanding of Users. The process can take from one day to two months.

The recovery and refund fee is 10%, but not less than $100.

For deposits with an incorrect memo/destination tag - 10%, but not less than $ 10.

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