Premium account means reduced trading commissions and access to closed testing of new exchange features.

We recommend buying a PRO account if your trading turnover exceeds $ 800 per day. This way you can save on deals and earn more.

There are 2 types of premium accounts:

  • Pro maker 10 KUN

  • Vip trader 20 KUN

To buy a premium account you need

  1. Have the required amount of KUN token on your account (10 or 20, depending on which one you want to purchase)

  2. Click on «PRO Maker 10 KUN / VIP Trader 20 KUN»

  3. Find a plan to suit you and click on «Activate»

4. Click on «Pay 10/20 KUN»

How to buy tokens?

You can buy tokens on the KUN / USDT trades page

To do this, you need to create an order for buying KUN token for USDT.

You can create a limit order for buying KUN by fixed price, or you can create a market order that uses the best offers from the market depth table.

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