Enabling 2FA on Kuna

To enable 2FA go to Account - Settings - Security. Where you will see:

We need this QR code, which we will scan through the mobile application.

Next you will need to install the two-factor authentication application on your smartphone. We recommend Authy.

Authy 2FA

Install the Authy app on your phone

Open it and connect your phone number and email. This is necessary so that you can restore access if you will lose your smartphone.

After registration, click "Add account" button

Scan the QR code that we just saw above in the Kuna 2fa security settings.

After scanning the QR code, enter the 6-digit code generated by the application in the "Enter your 2FA authentication code" field and click "Activate"

Done! Now the confirmation of any operations will take place using a code in this application. So don't delete it. 😉

To avoid problems - put in the sync and backup settings. So your data will be in the cloud and even if you lose your smartphone, you can easily recover the two-factor code.

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