Kuna Code Bot is a telegram bot designed for the fast and secure buy and sell of kuna codes, with a guarantee function.

To work with the bot, it is necessary:

Next, navigate to the Telegram’s bot Kuna Code Bot, select a language, and familiarize yourself with the bot's functions. 

Code selling 

To sell the code, you must first create it. Go to the Code Creation page, select the desired asset and generate a code.

Go to My Codes, copy the code you just created.

In the bot, select Create request, pass the bot the code you created.

We choose how we want to sell the code: offer the buyer a discount, sell 1 to 1, or sell with an interest. For example, we will choose to sell the code with an interest.

At the next step, we set a percentage, for example, 1.5%. Then we choose on the card which bank we would like to receive a transfer from Privatbank or Monobank. After selecting the bank, we enter the number of the card and the bot will remember the card number. We check the request we have created and confirm it. The request is created, and we are waiting for the buyer.

The lifetime of the request is 2 hours, after which it can be extended or the code can be returned, by the way, if going to my requests, the created request can be canceled, it is worth noting that after canceling the request bot will send you a new code for the desired amount and it should be used in the future.

After you find a buyer, he will request your card details in the bot, you should send them. The buyer will transfer funds to the card, in our case 101.5 uah, and will confirm the payment in the bot, you will have the opportunity to pass the code to the buyer. At this stage, the transaction is considered completed.

Please note, if you pass the code without receiving a transfer to the card, you may lose your funds.

If at the stage of the transaction the buyer does not transfer funds, but the payment is confirmed, in no case do not pass the code, wait for the opening of the dispute, it will happen within 15 minutes from the date of creation of the transaction. A support specialist will contact you and help you resolve this dispute.

At the time of the active transaction, your order in the bot will not be available, and if the buyer takes your order but does not transfer the funds and does not confirm the payment, the transaction will automatically cancel within 15 minutes and the order will be available in the bot again for buyers. 

Code Buying

To purchase the code, select the required RUB or UAH request board, select the desired request. Get acquainted with the request once again and proceed to payment. Wait for the card details to be transferred from the seller.

If the seller does not transfer the details within 15 minutes, the transaction will be canceled automatically.       

After transferring the details, transfer the specified amount and click "I paid".

Please note, if by transferring funds to the card you do not click "I paid" the transaction will be canceled in 15 minutes and you may lose your funds.

After receiving the funds on the card, the buyer will give you the code. Which you can activate on the Kuna codes page, the funds will be transferred to your balance.

If the seller does not give you the code within 15 minutes, a dispute will occur. You will be contacted by a technical support specialist to help you resolve the dispute. 

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