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How to register an account on ZEN and link it to your KUNA account
How to register an account on ZEN and link it to your KUNA account
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To successfully deposit or withdraw EUR using the ZEN method, you need to:

  1. Open an account in the ZEN app.

  2. The ZEN account must be registered in your name and surname, which is specified in the verification in

  3. Verification level - Basic (you can pass verification in your personal account)

Register a new account with ZEN.

Select "Register" and enter your current phone number, and you will receive an SMS message.

After entering the number, you will receive instructions on the screen, and it is important to follow them gradually.

  1. Follow the link sent to you in an SMS and download the official ZEN app to your smartphone.

  2. Register and verify in the ZEN app.

If you encounter any difficulties during the registration or verification process, please contact the official support of ZEN

Registration and verification at ZEN are complete. Return to the KUNA app and click "Account registered"

Go to the ZEN app and confirm the connection. Click "I agree"

Select "Complete connection" in the ZEN application

Receive confirmation from ZEN

Next, go to the KUNA app

Click - "Finish the connection"

Confirmation will take place in a few minutes. You will receive an additional notification in the app.

From this moment on, you have access to deposit and withdraw EUR with ZEN

We can select the amount, for example, for a deposit and click "Continue"

Please note that after creating a deposit, it must be confirmed in the ZEN

The funds will be credited to your ZEN balance within 5 minutes.

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