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Niceties of deposit cryptocurrency with note
Niceties of deposit cryptocurrency with note
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Deposit to the exchange of some cryptocurrencies (XRP, XLM, EOS, EVER) requires a note of payment together with the address.

This is due to the peculiarities of a cryptocurrency blockchain used.

For the above-mentioned cryptocurrency, most exchanges use one deposit address for all users, and crediting is made by payment note. This can be compared to a flight ticket, where the flight will be one for all passengers, and seats in the cabin are different.

The payment note can be called differently for different crypto-currencies: Destination Tag, Memo, Message, Payment ID, etc. Use the type of note indicated on the crypto deposit page.

Please pay attention while scanning the QR code, only the address will be copied, Destination tag / Memo will need to be entered manually or copied on the deposit page using a special icon.

A transaction that is sent without a note Memo / Destination tag will not be automatically credited. The service of crediting a transaction without a note is a paid and time-consuming task. To credit it you need to prove that you have sent this transaction, as well as the time of authorized personnel. Please be careful when working with cryptographic assets that require a note.

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