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How to deposit Bitcoins (BTC) on the exchange?
How to deposit Bitcoins (BTC) on the exchange?

Instruction on how to add your Bitcoin wallet.

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BTC Deposit

To deposit BTC go to "Assets" - "BTC". - "Deposit", generate a deposit address (if it hasn't been generated before).

At registration, for each account of the exchange, a unique wallet number is generated.

To deposit, just copy your wallet number and make a BTC transaction.

Niceties of BTC deposit:

  1. The minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC. The amount less will not be credited!;

  2. There are no restrictions on the types of BTC wallets;

  3. You can track it in any block browser, for example in this one;

  4. The minimum amount of confirmations:

  • for deposits of less than 0.25 btc - 1;

  • for deposit of more than 0.25 btc - 3.

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