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How to withdraw Bitcoins (BTC) from the Exchange?
How to withdraw Bitcoins (BTC) from the Exchange?

BTC Withdraw

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To withdraw, go to your personal cabinet, menu "Assets", find BTC asset and press "Withdraw".

You can use Quick withdrawal and Saved.

When using Quick withdrawal, it is enough to indicate the wallet address and the desired amount for withdrawal, confirm the withdrawal with the 2fa code and by mail.

The withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC.

If you withdraw the entire amount, the commission will be charged to the withdrawal amount.

If you withdraw part of the amount, a commission of 0.0005 BTC will be withdrawn from the balance of funds on the exchange.

Please note that the transaction appears in the network within 10 minutes after confirming the withdrawal by mail.

When you select Saved, you will be able to save the frequently used address, then use it for quick withdrawal.

You have to select Saved, click Add a New Wallet.

Create a name, enter an address, and click Create wallet.
You can save an unlimited number of wallets.

When you click on Edit Wallet, you can make changes to previously saved wallets or add new ones.

You can change the name of your saved wallet using the "Pencil" icon or delete a wallet from your list of saved wallets by clicking the "Trash" icon.

Now when you go to Saved, simply select the desired address (if more than one) from the list, specify the amount, confirm the withdrawal with 2FA code and e-mail letter.

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