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How to turn off two-factor authentication
How to turn off two-factor authentication

Resetting two-factor authentication

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If there is no access to 2fa application

In the case of losing access to your device, you will need to contact [email protected] so that they can disable two-step verification.

The request must be sent from the same email address with which you used to register your account on the exchange.

The text of the message must contain the following information for identification and for checking the account :

  1. Wallet number / Card number that was used for the last deposit or withdrawal of funds. Also, include the date and the amount of the payment.*

  2. The date of registration on the exchange (on the day of registration an activation letter was sent to your email)

  3. The date and IP-address of the last successful login.

  • If you haven’t carried out a deposit or a withdrawal of funds, please supply the information for 2-3 paragraphs.

WARNING! After successfully disabling two-step authentication through the support service, asset withdrawal will be blocked for 24 hours for security purposes.

We strongly recommend you to delete the email which contains the information to identify and verify your account. This will help to protect your account in the future.

If you have access to 2fa application

You can disable two-factor authentication in the security settings of your account.

To do this press the Turn off button, after which you will need to enter the 2FA code one last time.

We highly recommend do not disable 2FA, as this will weaken the security of your account.

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