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Activating two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator)
Activating two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator)
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In the last few years, the number of hacker attacks on user accounts of financial services is steadily increasing. This is due to the active development and improvements of the industry and a low level of computer education of users.

This function provides additional protection for your account. 

We strongly recommend that you activate two-factor authentication - 2FA

To activate go to account Settings

Open "Security" tab

After clicking to the button "Turn on" in the account settings you will see:

You will need to install Google Authenticator or any other authenticator.

Add a new website into the authentication app, scan the QR-code or enter the code manually. Additionally, we strongly recommend to save the Secret code - it will be useful for you to restore access if you lose the device that has the application installed.  

Enter the temporary password into the website (composed of 6 digits. These change every 30 seconds) from Google Authenticator into the field “Code 2FA” and click on “activate” 

Never store the Secret code in an email and never reveal it to a third party. 

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