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How to activate premium account
How to activate premium account
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Premium account provides significantly reduced trading commissions.

We recommend buying a PRO account if your trading turnover exceeds $ 800 per day. This way you can save on deals and earn more.

There are 2 types of premium accounts:

  • Pro maker 10 KUN

  • Vip trader 20 KUN

To buy a premium account you need

  1. Have the required amount of KUN token on your account (10 or 20, depending on which one you want to purchase);

  2. Click on «PRO Maker 10 KUN / VIP Trader 20 KUN»;

  3. Find a plan which suits you and click the «Activate» button;

  4. Click on «Pay 10/20 KUN».

How to buy tokens?

You can buy tokens on the KUN / USDT trades page

To do this, you need to create an order for buying KUN token for USDT.

You can create a limit order for buying KUN by fixed price, or you can create a market order that uses the best offers from the market orderbook.

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