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Why the deposit was rejected?
Why the deposit was rejected?
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In most cases the deposit is rejected for 3 reasons:

  • the card currency is not hryvnia or is issued for legal entities;

  • the card does not support 3D-Secure;

  • exceeding the limits for p2p translations.

First, make sure that your card supports 3D Secure.

You should be transferred to a payment confirmation page, and confirmation of the transfer will be sent by SMS or mobile banking application.

It is also worth checking the online limit on your card.

If you have successfully made a deposit using this card before, then most likely you have reached the limits of VISA/Mastercard IPS for p2p transfers.

Visa/Mastercard international payment systems together with the National Bank of Ukraine are limiting the use of p2p payments.

The limits correspond to the financial monitoring of Ukraine and VISA/MC rules. Which are:

  • Per day - up to 150 000 UAH,

  • Per month - up to 250 000 UAH.

Limits on deposit and withdrawal from the card are summarized and fixed by the issuing bank of the card.

For both cases, the actual solution will be to use another card, for example, a virtual one.

If you have a Privat24 - we recommend you create a virtual Internet card MasterCard and make a deposit with it.

You can also deposit with your card using the Kuna code exchange bot's telegram: @kunacodebot

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