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KUNA code is a flexible tool for transferring assets between the accounts of KUNA users. With KUNA code you can transfer or save any assets that are on the user's balance or outside the exchange, including exchangers.

Advantages of working with KUNA code:

  • KUNA code can be generated in the equivalent of fiat money and any cryptocurrency that is available on the exchange.

  • No fees

  • Instant transfer of funds

  • Flexible system for setting up mutual enrollment guarantees

To work with this feature, you need to enter the KUNA Codes tab:

Let's consider creating and activating KUNA code

KUNA code creation

To create a code, select "Create code" on the left and fill in the fields.

Choose the asset, and the amount to be credited by KUNA code.

You can also set the recipient (KUNA-id) if you know this information.

!! If you create a code to sell it in the KUNA Code Bot, leave the field empty so bot can redeem it. !!

You can view KUNA-id by clicking on the user icon in the upper-right corner:

You can also specify a trust period during which you will not be able to personally activate the generated KUNA code. This function is used to provide guarantees to the receiving party.

In the last field, you can specify a message that the person who activated the KUNA code will see.

After filling in the first two (mandatory) or all the above fields, you can click the “Generate” button.

Then, if you use two-factor authentication (recommended), you will need to enter the 6-digit code and confirm the code generation via your email.

Confirm within 30 minutes, otherwise, the creation procedure will be canceled.

When confirmed by email you can check more information about KUNA code.

All KUNA code details and ways of sending it (clipboard, Print, QR code or PDF file to e-mail) will be specified here.

On the “Released” tab, you can see a list of all the codes you've generated with KUNA and see their statuses.

You can also view detailed information about KUNA Code in the “Released” menu, add or edit a note to it.

Checking and activating KUNA code

To do this, press the "Activate Code" button.

In order to make sure that the user has a KUNA code, you can request the first 5 characters of the code.

You will not be able to activate the code, and the probability to crack the rest of the code tends to zero.

To activate the code, you need to enter all its characters and click "Activate Code".

If the trust period is set, the user who created the code will see a notification:

After successful activation, the code will be applied immediately.

Our official Telegram group is often used to search and exchange KUNA codes:

If you want guarantees, you can make a deal via a bot's telegram:


Detailed information about what it is:

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