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Personal account overview
Personal account overview

Now, let’s dive deeper into the platform features!

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Once you have successfully registered and activated your Kuna account, you will get access to your personal user profile.

Let’s review the main profile sections:


In this section, the main account settings are available.

For the full functionality of the account, you have to activate it by clicking on the link in the letter. If for some reason the activation link haven't been sent to your email and the letter is not in the spam folder, please contact technical support (using this email address - [email protected]) for manual activation of the account.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA allows you to protect your account in the future. We strongly recommend you to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

To activate 2FA visit the link below, click on the “Enable” button:

We do recommend you to install Google Authenticator (but you can use any other app up to your preference).

Once the application is installed, Scan the QR code or enter the generated code manually using the Google Authenticator application.

Enter the password from the Google Authenticator and click on the "Enable" button.

Also, we strongly recommend you to keep the generated backup codes safe. You can use it to restore access if you will lose your device with an installed application.

Never store the backup codes in your mailbox and do not share it with third parties.

Orders execution notification.

When an order is executed, a notification will be sent to your email.


Used for signing in to the exchange platform.

You can change your password in the settings (Important! If you signed up with the "Sign in using Google" or "Sign in using Apple" buttons, you cannot set a password.).

  1. In the " Security " tab, there will be a window to change the password. Click the "Change" button.

    2. Then you will see a window where you can change your password.


Displaying the history of your logins into Kuna account:

Ordering history

Displaying the history of your orders:

On this page, you can toggle between completed orders and orders that are still open.

When you click on any order, you will see full information about it.


This section displays the balance and status of your assets.

Next to each asset, you will see two buttons: “Deposit” and “Withdraw”.

When you select the appropriate action, there will be several options that you can use for deposit and withdraw your funds as well as adding payment card details and wallet addresses.


Deposit BTC.

In order to deposit, go to the menu "Assets", find the asset BTC and click "Deposit".

You will need to generate a deposit wallet on the deposit page.

Your wallet number is unchanged and assigned to the account.

In order to deposit, you need only copy your wallet number and make a transfer operation to this wallet.

Peculiarities of deposit BTC:

  1. There are no restrictions on the types of BTC wallets.

  2. Funds are deposited to the account after three confirmations in the bitcoin network. You can track in any blockchain browser, such as

  3. There is no deposit fee.

  4. The minimum deposit amount is 0,001 BTC.

Withdraw BTC

In order to deposit BTC you need to go to the menu "Assets", find the asset BTC and click "Withdrawal".

You need to enter the number of the wallet to which you want to withdraw and the withdrawal amount. In addition, you can save the wallet, and then withdraw funds to it or make a quick withdrawal.

An example of a quick withdrawal of BTC:

Then click the "Withdraw" button.

The withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC.

If you withdraw the whole amount, the fee will be deducted from the withdrawal amount.

If you withdraw part of the amount, the 0.0005 BTC fee will be deducted from the balance of the remaining funds.

BTC withdrawal is processed within 10 minutes. Don't forget to confirm the withdrawal by email.


Used to create API keys for bots:

Documentation on how to use the API is available here:

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