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How to get an access to the mobile application
How to get an access to the mobile application

What is an API key, where to get it and why is it in a mobile application?

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Download the mobile application 

The first time you run the app, you will see that the API key is required.

Create KUNA account 

If you don't have a KUNA account - create one.
How to quickly and easily join the club😎

Create an API key in your personal cabinet

To log into your account via mobile application, you need to generate an API key in your account settings.
Once logged into your account, navigate to the API menu.

Click on the “Create new token” button

Enter a token name and click checkboxes which reflect actions that you can do with the key. If you do not intend to trade and withdraw funds, do not tick the box. For the mobile app, it is better to check all the boxes.

Do not forget the 2FA code (if 2FA is set) and click on the "Confirm" button.  

After that you will see that the keys and QR code were generated. In this case you are interested in QR code, which you will scan in KUNA mobile application.

Now, log into your KUNA application and scan QR code.
Next, you will be asked to enter a pin code and after that you will be able to use KUNA mobile application.

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