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Telegram Bot manual - Kuna Code Bot
Telegram Bot manual - Kuna Code Bot
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Kuna Code Bot is a telegram bot designed for the fast and secure buy and sell of kuna codes, with a guarantee function.

To work with the bot, it is necessary:

Next, navigate to the Telegram’s bot Kuna Code Bot, select a language, and familiarize yourself with the bot's functions. 

Code selling 

To sell the code, you must first create it. Go to the Code Creation page, select the desired asset and generate a code.

Then enter the amount you want to withdraw using the code.

Click "Create Code".

Confirm your code to the email in the letter, the letter will come to the email that you specified when you created your account.

Go to My Codes, copy the code you just created.

In the bot, select Create request, pass the bot the code you created.

Next, we should specify how we want to sell the code: offer the buyer a discount, sell it 1 to 1, or sell it with a markup. In this example, let's choose to sell the code with a markup.

Set the percentage, for example, 1.5%.

Next, select the method by which you want to receive funds on the card: Only Bank or Any method. Choosing, for example, Bank only, the buyer will have to pay for the code by transferring funds only through the Bank. The Any Method option allows the buyer to transfer funds to the card of the seller using any payment service, as well as any bank.

Select the method Only Bank, then to the card of which bank we want to receive the transfer Privatbank Card, PrivatBank Phone or Monobank.

After selecting the bank, enter the card number or phone number which is linked to the card, later the bot will remember the number. Check the application created, and confirm it after if everything is right.

The lifetime of the request is 2 hours, after which it can be extended or the code can be returned, by the way, if going to my requests, the created request can be canceled, it is worth noting that after canceling the request bot will send you a new code for the desired amount and it should be used in the future.

After you find a buyer, he will request your card details in the bot, you should send them. The buyer will transfer funds to the card, in our case 101.5 uah, and will confirm the payment in the bot, you will have the opportunity to pass the code to the buyer. At this stage, the transaction is considered completed.

Please note, if you pass the code without receiving a transfer to the card, you may lose your funds.

If at the stage of the transaction the buyer does not transfer funds, but the payment is confirmed, in no case do not pass the code, wait for the opening of the dispute, it will happen within 15 minutes from the date of creation of the transaction. A support specialist will contact you and help you resolve this dispute.

At the time of the active transaction, your order in the bot will not be available, and if the buyer takes your order but does not transfer the funds and does not confirm the payment, the transaction will automatically cancel within 15 minutes and the order will be available in the bot again for buyers. 

Code Buying

To purchase the code, select the required RUB or UAH request board, select the desired request. Get acquainted with the request once again and proceed to payment. Wait for the card details to be transferred from the seller.

If the seller does not transfer the details within 15 minutes, the transaction will be canceled automatically.       

After transferring the details, transfer the specified amount and click "I paid".

Please note, if by transferring funds to the card you do not click "I paid" the transaction will be canceled in 15 minutes and you may lose your funds.

After receiving the funds on the card, the buyer will give you the code. Which you can activate on the Kuna codes page, the funds will be transferred to your balance.

If the seller does not give you the code within 15 minutes, a dispute will occur. You will be contacted by a technical support specialist to help you resolve the dispute. 


In the new update of the Kuna Code bot, we have introduced an updated Application Board. Users can now see a list of sellers of active orders, and both buyer and seller can see the user profile of each other. This will provide all users the opportunity to contact the other party of the deal on any issues directly, without contacting support.

VIP account

The ability to activate a VIP account is implemented in the Other menu. By default, activating a VIP account will replace the user's @username displaying with VIP. The user also has the option to enable the displaying of his @username along with the enabled VIP status and to enjoy other available VIP status privileges.

Downloading the history of operations

The ability of downloading the history of operations is available in the Other -> VIP menu. In this menu, users are given the opportunity to download the complete history of transactions in excel format for purchases and sales of codes. This is possible only if user has an active VIP status.

Splitting code

The code splitting function is available in the Other menu. To split the code, user needs to pass the code to the bot. The amount of the code must be at least 200 UAH, since the Bot cannot issue a code for an amount less than 100 UAH when dividing. Next, you need to indicate the amount to be separated from the code, after which the Bot will issue 2 new codes - one for the separated amount, second - for the remaining amount.

Application editor

The order editing function is available in the My orders menu. By selecting the Edit option under the active application, you will be given the opportunity, without canceling the application, to change the % on the application, change the card for receiving funds, change the method of receiving funds.

Payment method

The sellers of codes, when placing an application have the opportunity to indicate the desired method of receiving funds to the card - Bank only / Any payment - which is displayed in the application in the Application board menu. The Only bank option means that the seller is ready to accept payment to the card only from any bank. The All methods option means that the seller is ready to accept payment to the card from all sources, including any payment systems. If you select the Any payment option, in the Application board menu, next to the order, additional requirements will not be displayed.

The buyer of the code, when selecting an application marked Bank only in the Application board menu, agrees to pay for the code only through the Bank. Failure to comply with these rules comes with a restriction in access to the use of the Kuna Code bot.

Sorting Applications

The application sorting function is available in the Application board menu. There are 2 sorting parameters and one filter to choose from:

% - sorted by percentage - enabled by default from lowest to highest. Clicking the % filter again will change the sorting by percentage from highest to lowest.

Amount - sort by code amount. When you click on the Amount filter, sorting will be performed by the code Amount from smallest to largest. Pressing the Amount filter again will change the sorting of codes by Amount from highest to lowest.

Any payment Filter - by default, the Order Board displays all orders sorted only by % or by Code Amount. If the Any payment filter is disabled, the Order Board will display orders by payment method - Bank only. Clicking on the filter again will display all orders.

User rating

The rating is measured by the number of successful completed transactions of the user for the purchase / sale of codes.

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