What is a referral program
Referral program
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Referral program

The referral program is an opportunity to receive a commission from the trades of users registered on your referral link.

In order to share your referral link, go to the Referral program menu. Your referral link will be shown there.

You can also share it in your social networks in two clicks.

Before you get started please read the general rules of the referral program ↓

There is a ban for sending spam

It is strictly forbidden to send SPAM (in personal messages of social networks, in groups and communities, in email-letters, etc.) to attract users. Send the link to your friends or just leave it as a signature.

It's forbidden to use contextual advertising to attract referrals

Contextual advertising of cryptocurrencies is prohibited, so it can contribute to the ban of our site in the Google system. If you want to see further development of the platform, it is better not to abuse our trust.

Be sure to indicate that this is a referral

If you share the link, do not mislead people. Tell with whom you are sharing the link that this is your referral link. Honesty and openness promotes trust. Referrals who trust you - trade 2 times better 🤑

For you to receive payments from the trades, you need to register a new user on the page of your referral link.

More details about how the referral program works - https://kuna.io/referral/instructions.

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