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Our company is providing the OTC service which means the direct over – counter – trading of virtual assets with our clients on a principal-to – principal base. We provide the access to the companies and high net worth individuals to trade with us directly according to their request.

OTC is a premium service that allows professional and high volume traders to execute orders off the open KUNA exchange. We can offer deeper liquidity, tighter spreads to these clients as well as personalized service and client attention we are proud of. Once you are approved as a counterparty, we work to make the process fast and seamless – quickly quoting your individual prices to trade and ensuring your deal is settled as efficiently as possible.

To become our client, you will first have to go through the CDD (Customer Due Diligence) process and once you are approved, you will become an over-the-counter client. Our OTC-desk is ready to welcome the requests starting from 50 000,00 EUR.

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