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Verification of an Individual
Verification of an Individual

Detailed verification steps of an Individual

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Step 1

Email address verification.

Step 2

Agreement on the processing of personal data.

Step 3

Phone number verification.

Step 4

Choose one of the specified types of documents and provide a photo.

Note! Can be completed on a mobile device.

Step 5

Passing the Liveness check on a mobile device, or on the device on which the user is being verified.

Step 6

Providing proof of residence.

Step 7

Filling out the questionnaire. It is necessary to provide the information shown in the pictures below.

Step 8

Provide the full address of the place of residence, e-mail and phone number.

Step 9

Information about the employment. If the user selects Employed in the first paragraph, he will need to fill in the fields indicated in the picture below.

Step 10

Source and compliance of the funds.

Step 11

Individual's banking information.

Step 12

Is the individual PEP/Related to PEP?

Step 13

Questions regarding potential user activity on the platform.

Step 14

Waiting for the confirmation of verification. Approximate time is around 12 minutes.

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