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P2P Kuna Code Bot - an overview of the functionality. How to deposit and withdraw hryvnia
P2P Kuna Code Bot - an overview of the functionality. How to deposit and withdraw hryvnia
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P2P is a process of exchanging funds without intermediaries. Users can exchange hryvnia with each other.

With the help of Kuna Code Bot, you can withdraw hryvnia to your card or make a deposit of hryvnia from your card to

The main functionality of Kuna Code Bot:

The main menu of the bot is divided into several options, let's consider each of them.

  1. Order books

  2. My Orders

  3. Divide code

  4. Other

Order books

It is divided into 2 parts: "Want to buy a code" and "Want to sell the code", depending on your goal, you can choose the appropriate board. Each of the boards will display offers to buy or sell, depending on the option you choose.

"Want to buy a code" - you will be redirected to the board where our users sell codes, this board must be selected if you want to deposit hryvnia to your account at

"Want to sell the code" - you will be redirected to the board where our users - merchants buy codes, so you can sell your Kuna code and withdraw funds to your bank card.

If you did not find a buyer on the "Want to sell the code" board to whom you would like to sell the code, or the terms of sale did not suit you, you can always create a request for the sale of Kuna code.

To create a request, click "Create order" - For more information on how to create a sales request, see the instructions.

My orders

You can see all your requests, track their status, and make changes to active requests.

What actions are available with your orders?

  1. "Pause All" - You can pause all your bids, which may be necessary if the sale offer is temporarily out of date or you are unavailable for a certain period of time.

  2. "Start all" - If your bids are paused, you can post them to the Order board again. We remind you that the lifespan of an order is 2 hours.

  3. "Cancel" - Only available for active requests. You can cancel one specific deal. After canceling, the bot will give you a new code for the same amount.

  4. "Edit" - Available only for an active request, you can change the interest rate on the request, change the card to receive funds, change the method of receiving funds without canceling the request.

  5. "Pause" - You can pause one specific already active request.

Divide code

To split the code, user needs to transfer the code to the Kuna Code bot.

The amount of the code must be at least 200 UAH, as the bot cannot issue a code for less than 100 UAH during the split.

Next, you need to specify the amount to be separated from the code, after which the bot will issue 2 new codes - one for the amount of the separation and the other for the code remainder.


The following menu is available in this section:

  1. "Support" - The contact of the only official support for the service. Support NEVER writes to personal messages. If support writes to you in a personal message, do not respond to them - they are scammers.

  2. "Bot language" - Choose a convenient language for using the bot.

  3. "VIP" - Get or use VIP privileges in the bot.

    Activating VIP account will allow you to:

    • Hide your @username for other users.

    • Download the full history of transactions in Excel format for buying and selling codes

  4. "Terms of use" - The current user agreement.


If you are a buyer in the transaction, your username will be available to the seller. If you are the seller, your username will be available to the buyer in case of a preliminary dispute.

We also recommend checking out our more detailed instructions, about using the bot:

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