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How to sell the code (withdraw hryvnia to the card)
How to sell the code (withdraw hryvnia to the card)

Overview of the "Want to sell a code" Order board, and deal creation instructions

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If you want to make a hryvnia withdrawal to your bank card, go to our official bot:

In the bot menu, select "Orderbooks"

To sell the code, select "Want to sell the code"

You will be redirected to the request board where merchant users have posted their requests for the purchase of codes

To sell a code, first of all, you need to create it.

If you create a code, in order to offer it to a merchant, create it on the terms of his deal.

We have described how to create a KUNA code in this article:

Transaction statuses

Merchant responded to your offer

The merchant has rejected your offer

Merchant does not pay for the code

Transfer card details using the "Send requisites" button

You will receive a notification "Deal canceled by merchant"

The merchant has 15 minutes to pay for the code, if they do not pay, the application will immediately go to the "Dispute with the administrator" status

When the merchant confirms the transfer of funds, the bot will ask you "Did you receive XXX UAH to your account?"

After the trade is canceled, the bot will give you a new code, so use it in the future.

You will receive the contact of our official support service in the bot, you need to contact us immediately, we will help you resolve the dispute

Be sure to check the receipt on the card specified in the agreement, if the funds have been received - confirm receipt of funds, and click "Yes" ---->"I received the full amount on the card" ---->"Send Kuna-code"

You can create a ticket for sale so that ordinary users can see it on the ticket board, which is described later in the section

"Creating a ticket for selling code"

If the seller does not respond to your offer within 15 minutes, the deal is canceled automatically.

Create an application for selling code

If you don't find an offer from a merchant that suits you, you can create a request to sell your code.

Click "Create order"

Click "Create a sales order"

Then you can create a sales request, you need to enter your Kuna code:

Next, you should specify how you want to sell the code: offer the buyer a discount, sell

1 to 1, or sell with a markup.

Please note that if you don't know what percentage to specify, the bot will suggest the most relevant percentages.

Set the percentage, for example, -1%.

Next, choose the method to receive funds to your card: Bank only or Any pay type.

By choosing, for example, Bank only, the buyer will have to pay for the application using the code by transferring funds only through a bank transfer (from card to card).

The Any pay type option allows the buyer of the code to transfer funds to the card of the seller, also using any payment services.

Choose the method Only Bank, then to which bank card you want to receive the transfer, it can be: Privatbank Card, Monobank, izi bank, Abank, Pumb, Oschadbank.

After choosing a bank, enter the card number or phone number linked to the card, and the bot will remember the number.

Check the application we have created and confirm it.

After confirmation, the application is placed on the "Want to buy a code" board. Therefore, it will be seen by all users who click "Want to buy a code"

  1. Your rating (the number of successful completed trades) will be indicated in the application.

  2. The lifetime of the application is 2 hours, after which you can extend it or return the code.

  3. Going to My Requests, you can edit, pause, or cancel the created request.

  4. It is worth noting that after canceling the request, the bot will send you a new code for the required amount, and this code should be used in the future.

Remember, the support team never writes in personal messages, asks you to transfer the code or cancel the application.

Do not pass the code to anyone until you personally verify that the funds have been credited to your card.

Create a deal

  1. Once a buyer is found for the request, the bot will provide you with information about the buyer - their @username, rating, and payment method using the code.

  2. If you agree to create a transaction, you need to confirm it by providing the payment details.

  3. The buyer will transfer the funds to the specified card, if the funds are credited to your card - confirm the payment in the bot, you will have the opportunity to transfer the code to the buyer.

  4. At this stage, the transaction is considered completed.

Please note that if you transfer the code without receiving a transfer to your card, you may lose your funds.

Rules of the deal

  • If the buyer does not transfer funds at the transaction stage but confirms payment, do not transfer the code in any case, wait for the dispute to be opened, which will happen within 15 minutes from the moment the transaction is created.

  • In the event of a dispute, Kuna Code Bot allows the parties to the transaction to contact each other. The parties have 60 minutes to resolve the dispute. After the allotted time has expired, if the parties are unable to resolve their differences, they should contact the support bot and specify the agreement number.

  • If one of the parties to the dispute is a VIP user, you can contact the dispute support bot immediately after the dispute is created.

  • At the moment when a buyer is found for your request and a deal is created, your other active requests will be paused and resume at the same moment when the deal is successfully closed.

  • If the buyer accepts your request but does not transfer funds or confirm payment, the deal will be automatically canceled within 15 minutes, and the request will be available again in the bot for buyers.

Order parameters

In each individual order, you will be able to see the following parameters:

  • The amount or range of the code amount to be purchased, if the code range is specified in the purchase request, for example, "1-100 UAH", you can offer a code for any amount from 1 UAH to 100 UAH

  • % markup or discount

  • Seller rating

Sorting instruments

  • Markup - sorts the Order board by markup

  • Amount - sorts the Order board by amount

  • Refresh - refreshes the Order board.

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