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EUR deposit and withdrawal
Withdraw EUR to hryvnia card
Withdraw EUR to hryvnia card
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Please note:

  1. Withdrawal is possible only to VISA cards

  2. When transferring EUR to a UAH card, the currency is automatically converted into UAH at the rate set by your bank

Card type

The withdrawal will come

Withdrawal will not be successful



Alfa Bank (Sense Bank)


OTP Bank

Raiffeisen Bank





Also EUR withdrawal is available on Revolut cards. Please note - EUR will be converted to the currency of your card.

Withdrawal of EUR to a Ukrainian bank card can take up to 48 hours.
If the withdrawal is not received after 48 hours, please contact our support @kunasupport_bot

What you need to withdraw EUR to hryvnia cards:
1. Account verification level not lower than "Basic".
2. The name and surname of the cardholder must match the name and surname of the verified account.
3. You can use no more than 5 different cards for withdrawal.

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