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How to buy a code (Deposit your UAH balance with a card)
How to buy a code (Deposit your UAH balance with a card)

Let's take a look at the "Want to buy a code" order board and create your first deal

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If you want to replenish your hryvnia balance at, go to our official bot

Buying a code:

In the bot, select "Order books" and click on "Want to buy a code"

You will be taken to a bid board where KUNA users sell kuna codes.

Order parameters:

In each individual order, you will be able to look at the following parameters:

  • The amount of the sale - this is the amount for which you will receive a KUNA code and be able to activate it on your balance.

  • % of markup or discount

  • Amount to be paid to the card - this is the amount you will need to pay to the card if you accept the deal

  • Seller's rating

  • The name of the bank to which the payment should be made.

    To select an application and pay for it, click on /deal

Sorting instruments

  • Markup - sorts the order board by markup

  • Amount - sorts the order board by amount

  • Any pay type - sorts the order board by payment type.

  • Refresh - refreshes the order board.

  1. To purchase a code, select the desired order. Read the offer again and proceed to payment.

  2. Wait for the seller to transfer the card details

  3. If the seller doesn't transfer the details within 15 minutes, the transaction is canceled automatically.

  4. After the details are transferred, transfer the specified amount by clicking "I have paid." (Transfer only using the specified payment method, if the payment is made only by bank, you can only transfer funds from card to card.)

Please note that if you do not click the "I have paid" button after transferring funds to the card, the transaction will be canceled in 15 minutes and you will lose your funds. Therefore, immediately after transferring funds to the specified card, click "I have paid"

After receiving the funds on the card, the buyer will give you a code. You can redeem the code on the Kuna code page, and the funds will be credited to your balance.

Disputable situations

  • If the seller does not give you the code within 15 minutes, a dispute will be opened.

  • Kuna Code Bot will allow the parties to the transaction to contact each other. It takes 60 minutes to resolve the dispute.

  • Please note that at this stage, the username of the two parties to the transaction becomes available, and the parties can try to reach an agreement on the current transaction within 60 minutes.

  • After 60 minutes, if the seller does not get in touch, or if the parties are unable to resolve their differences, contact the official support bot using the button below,

    and specialists will help you to resolve the dispute.

If one of the parties to the dispute is a VIP user, you can contact the support bot as the dispute arise.

Remember, support NEVER writes in personal messages.

If support writes to you in a personal message, do not respond to them - they are scammers.

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