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EUR deposit and withdrawal
Withdrawal of EUR to the currency card of Ukrainian Bank
Withdrawal of EUR to the currency card of Ukrainian Bank
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What you need to successfully withdraw euros to a Ukrainian currency card:

  1. A Ukrainian bank card opened in EUR.

  2. Verification level - Basic (You can pass verification in your personal account)

  3. Withdrawal is possible only to VISA cards

Go to the "Assets" page, select the "EUR" asset and click "Withdrawal"

Next, select the withdrawal method "Visa/Mastercard" (Fees are dynamic, the current fees are always indicated on the output page).

You can make a withdrawal to a previously saved card or add a new one.

To withdraw to a new card, enter the card number and expiration date.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw

After creating a withdrawal, it must be confirmed by email

Once the withdrawal is confirmed, it cannot be canceled, from this moment on, your withdrawal is being processed, wait for the funds to arrive.

When the funds are received: The time depends on the bank to which the funds will be sent, as a rule, the withdrawal arrives within an hour.

On weekends, a payment to a bank card may take longer to process due to the payment system's regulations.

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