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Why is it necessary to verify your account?
Why is it necessary to verify your account?
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1. Why do I need to pass verification?

After successful registration of your account, you need to verify it in order to use deposit methods or start trading.

KUNA is an obliged entity under AML laws and regulations, and we are required to verify your identity by asking you to provide us with your identity documents, proof of address, source of funds, etc.

We offer different levels of verification for your account based on trading amounts per month: the more trading amount you would like to have at your disposal, the more documents and information we will ask for.

Please note, depending on your country of residence, you may or may not be able to deposit or withdraw crypto regardless of the verification level. See our AML KYC on geographic restrictions.

2. How long does account verification take?

All information and documents, you submit for account verification, are reviewed either automatically or manually. Account verification times can vary depending on which method is used to verify your information.

The automatic verification (used for the “Basic” and “Advanced” levels) takes no more than 5 minutes, while the manual verification (used for the “Pro” level) can take up to several days.

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