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What you need to successfully deposit euros using SEPA

  1. An account with a European bank

  2. The account must be opened in your name and surname as indicated in the verification.

  3. Verification level - Advanced (You can pass verification in your personal account)

Go to the "Assets" page, select the "EUR" asset and click "Deposit"

Next, select the "SEPA Transfer" method (Fees are dynamic, the current fees are always indicated on the output page).

The next step is to enter the amount you want to deposit.

Please note! You can deposit EUR only from your own account of a European bank.

Next, click "Continue"

You will be able to see the amount that will be credited to your account, so if you want to deposit a specific amount, please take into account the service fee.

The account from which you will make a deposit will be automatically saved in your personal account, and you can use it to withdraw euros in the future.

Click "Continue"

An invoice for the deposit will open in a new window

Please note!: If you do not see a new window with the invoice after clicking "Continue", it is likely that your browser blocks pop-ups, in which case you should disable pop-ups for our website.

The invoice will look like this.

To replenish, use only the details that will be displayed on your invoice.

After entering all the data, you can send a payment from your banking.

When will I receive the funds?

The funds will be credited only if you have entered all the data for the transfer correctly and the account holder's data matches the verification data.

If you send a deposit using SEPA, the timeframe for receiving funds is up to 3 banking days. If the deposit has not been credited to your balance after this period, please contact Support: [email protected]

When using SEPA Instant, funds will be credited instantly, within 10 minutes. SEPA Instant payment is available if your bank is connected to the SEPA Instant.

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