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Source of funds and proof of address
Source of funds and proof of address
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Proof of Address and Source of Funds Confirmation

What documents are considered as proof of address?

We accept the following Proof of Address documents:

  • Tax bill, valid for 1 year.

  • Mortgage statement.

  • Correspondence with a government authority regarding the receipt of benefits such as a pension, unemployment benefits, housing benefits, etc.

  • Cable bill (but not from satellite TV companies).

  • Landline telephone bill.

  • Bank statement showing the date of issue and the name of the person (the document must be not older than 3 months).

  • Utility bill for gas, electricity, water, internet, etc. linked to the property (the document must not be older than 3 months).

  • Valid lease agreement with signatures of landlord and tenant.

  • Credit card statement issued by a bank.

  • Letter from a recognized public authority or public servant (any government-issued correspondence not older than 3 months).

Please note:

  1. The document must contain your full name and home address;

  2. In case you have a proof of address document in a language that is not supported, you can provide us with a notarized translation of it.

What does Source of Funds mean?

The term “Source of Funds” (“SoF”) refers to the funds that are being used to fund the specific transaction at hand - that is, the origin of the funds used for the transactions or activities that occur within the business relationship or occasional transaction.

SoF tells us where the money comes from, which can be proven through bank statements, tax returns, company financials, etc.

Why do I need to provide the source of funds?

Kuna is an obligated entity according to the AML/CTF legislation.

Due to KYC/AML standards and the requirements of financial regulators, as well as payment providers (for compliance with the same standards), in some cases, users may be required to confirm the source of funds for transactions. This is an additional measure to control the circulation of funds and guarantee financial security for all participants.

If you do not provide us with proof of the source of funds, we will not be able to fully provide services to you and have the right to refuse provide services to you.

Which documents are considered as proof of address?

Here are some examples of SoF (note, this list is not exhaustive and is given only as an example):

Income category

Documents required


  • Bank statement showing salary/pension credited from the last 3 months;

  • Certificate from the employer on the accrued and paid salary for the last 3 months

  • Tax statement from the previous tax year

  • Government-issued pension statement

Self-employment Income

  • Invoices for self-employed services;

  • Contracts/agreements for self-employed services;

  • Bank statement statements showing payment credited from the last 12 months;

  • Tax statement from the previous tax year


  • Statement from a savings account from the last 3 months

Business Income

  • Dividend statements;

  • Bank statement showing dividend or business payments

  • Latest audited company accounts

  • Tax statement from the previous tax year

Investment Income

  • Statement from investment provider

  • Bank statement which showing settlement from investment provider

  • Other statements or documents, proving investment income

Trading Income

  • Trading/transaction history statements from the last 3 months from other exchanges

  • Bank statement showing trading profit withdrawals from the last 3 months

  • Tax statement from the previous tax year

Real Estate/Property Income

  • Contract of sale/settlement statement/letter from the notary or lawyer confirming the sale of property

  • Land registry/title deed copies on real estate/property

  • Signed rental/leasing agreement

  • Bank statement showing the rental payments, settlement from the property sale;

  • Rent receipts


  • Copy of will/testament

  • Signed letter of executor of the will

  • Donation agreement/signed letter from the donor declaring the gift/donation

  • Bank statement showing bank deposit of the inheritage/gift/donation


  • Loan/mortgage contract showing the loan amount and repayment plan

  • Bank statement showing loan/mortgage deposit into your account


  • Bets placed/betting history/transaction history statements from the last 3 months;

  • Bank statement showing gambling profit withdrawals from the last 3 months

  • Tax statement from the previous tax year

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